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Rhys Lightning

MEATY! Torchwood, BBC2, 9pm

Three episodes down and, thankfully, the rumours have been true so far: Torchwood keeps getting better. One thing it hasn't yet addressed, however, is Gwen's persistent wanderlust. She clearly isn't all that bothered about being with Rhys, other than that the relationship with him brings some stability to her life. And possibly helps her smug it over the others a bit. Last series we at least got to see him sometimes, though. This year he's been just featured in tiny glimpses, presumably as a metaphor for him moving to the periphery of Gwen's life, even if they are 'engaged'.

This is all a shame. We like Rhys. We think it would improve Gwen's character, too, if she was clearly in love with him, didn't keep flirting (and sometimes sleeping) with other men (and women) and if she was happy to maintain a life outside of Torchwood as well as her work life. It would add a little depth to the emotional side of the show and perhaps also challenge the others and their 'ZOMG! TORCHWOOD IS MAI TOTAL LYFE' attitudes, too.

We like Rhys. We also like Policeman Andy, Gwen's former colleague. A show like this needs its anchors to the rest of the world. Whilst Andy often represents the somewhat cynical voice of the viewer, Rhys fulfils the vital function (according to one of our most sci-fi geeky friends) of being the show's 'jock' character - and we mean jock in the butch blokey kind of way, not the slightly offensive term for Scottish way, because we must not forget that this is a WELSH show set in CARDIFF after all.

So how do we greet the news that tonight's episode is quite Rhys-centric? Well, with trepidation, if we're honest, even though we are pleased the character is finally getting some attention. Apparently tonight's episode sees Rhys find out about Torchwood. But he's done that before and had it all drugged out of him afterwards, so who's to say that won't happen again? We also wonder if someone might die this series, because someone always dies in long-running series eventually. We can't help but think that if Rhys finds out about Torchwood it might signal the beginning of the end for him. And if that happens, we will not be happy at all.

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