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Lost and found

ISLANDY! Lost, Sky One, 9.00pm
DRUGGY! Weeds, Sky One, 10.00pm

WeedsAt last, those who've been waiting what feels like aeons for a solution to that big cliffhanger from last season can finally breathe a sigh of relief: yes, Weeds is back! Finally, we get to see if Nancy gets away from the mobsters who were all set to shoot her in the last episode! Oh, and apparently some show set on an island is back as well, but nobody cares about that, do they?

LostWe'll freely admit that we lost all interest in Lost after about eight episodes, but we know that there are many, many people whose opinions we deeply value who are completely hooked on it, so we shall retain an air of professional balance and not say anything disparaging. The producers have actually promised to start revealing the answers soon, especially now that the series has a definite end date in sight, so fingers crossed everything will start to slot into place in the very near future. We do, of course, know after last season's finale that Jack and Kate survive to get off the island, but we don't know how, and we don't know if anyone else managed it. Apparently more flash-forwards are promised for season four, though, so look out for those. (Beware for season four to be slightly truncated, by the way, since it's one of the many shows affected by the WGA strike at the moment, and last time we checked, just under half the season had been completed. Although if recent reports are true and a resolution to the strike is imminent, it could be one of the few scripted shows to manage its full complement of episodes in the 2007/08 season - wouldn't that be something?)

And afterwards there's a show that we prefer, but which doesn't have quite the same amount of exposure: Weeds, following the (mis)adventures of housewife and small-time pot dealer Nancy. As we mentioned above, she was in a rather sticky situation at the end of last season, so we're anxious to see how she manages to charm her way out of that one. There's a double bill of this tonight, and the second episode is a particular highpoint, when an unsavoury type gets one of his bitches to try to bang the gay out of poor Sanjay. That's on our shortlist for TV highlight of the year.

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