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Unchained Melody

ANTI-CORPORATE! Dave Gorman: America Unchained, More4, 10pm

We admit it, we love Dave Gorman. In a very non-sexual way. (Sorry Dave). We missed watching The Dave Gorman Collection when it was on, but we heard about it, and lapped up the book he wrote about it with Danny Wallace, Are You Dave Gorman? We LOLled our way through the whole of his Incredibly Important Astrological Experiment, which we'd still like to see in book or DVD form, by the way. We enjoyed the book and DVD of his Googlewhack Adventure and we kind of hope his Radio 4show Genius gets made into a TV show cos it sounds good but we don't have the attention span to listen to spoken radio. We also like the fact that he hasn't turned to presenting rubbish reality shows and quiz shows like the otherwise-funny Wallace (although he maybe just hasn't been asked) and instead ups his profile by doing things such as appearing on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and er, taking part in late night celebrity poker shows.

And what we like most of all is that he does things we'd never dream of doing but sound like a real laugh and we kind of wish we could be brave enough to try. Tonight's America Unchained sounds like one of those adventures, as our intrepid hero sets out to get across the USA without giving a penny to 'The Man'. This means that he tries to avoid all big business and spend only at small, local, independent outlets, buying only non-corporate products. Needless to say, it's not very easy.

We should just point out here that it's not actually a comedy, but a documentary, although we don't doubt there will be humour along the way. It promises to be interesting, illuminating, challenging and possibly also a little bit depressing. What we don't think it will be, though, is patronising. Although it may cause you to dust off that copy of No Logo you've had sitting on the bookshelf since 2001.

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