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So, when's series 2 then?

RAUCOUS! Pulling, BBC2, 10pm

Regular readers will notice that several of your front page team (well, Steve and Rad mainly) have a slight obsession with Pulling, or, to be more precise, trying to find out when the fabled second series is going to start (we have heard there is going to be one, just no details of when). But perhaps its first showing on BBC2 indicates series 2 is one step closer. We can dream, anyway.

For those of you foolish enough to miss this on BBC3, you must tune in to it this time around. Alongside Gavin and Stacey it proves that the channel is still capable of churning out great quality comedy with loveable characters (Unlike the sweet Gavin and Stacey though, the humour of Pulling is pitch black throughout). Or at least that it was. We are utterly terrified by the prospect of the channel's revamp, as everything we have seen in the trailers looks rubbish.

Pulling centres around the love lives and other antics of three friends: Donna, the 'heart' of the show, played by Sharon Horgan, who dumps boyfriend Carl at the start of the series; Louise, played by Rebekah Staton, who initially seems to be the 'spare part' (see also Louise in Two Pints.... What IS it with that name?) but is actually very funny and may well be your favourite by the end of the series; and the 'real' star of the show, Karen, played by Tanya Franks (Renie in EastEnders). Karen is our kind of character: bold, brash, lewd, irresponsible, cutting and very funny.

We can pretty much guarantee they will be your new telly best friends within a couple of episodes, and that, like us, you will soon be clamouring for the fabled series 2....

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Ooooh, the new series is not very far away at all. A few clips have already been spotted on BBC Three preview trailers...

Paul Kaye joins the cast as Karen's new boyfriend, by the way... ;)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:02 pm  

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