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Neil gone kid

MarkNYC writes: I miss Tivo! And the A1 calendar. One of the earliest entries I remember involved the lyrics to 'A Perfect Match' by The A*Teens. I believed for a long time that 'Terri McIntyre' existed only in your imagination. What happened to Neil?

Well! Still residing in the city of lowculture's birth, Neil is probably best remembered for his unhealthy obsession with fit Big Brother contestants, and the overuse of asterisks*.

Neil will soon be creating a little low culture of his own, with an upcoming appearance in ropey Scottish game show Postcode Challenge.

Says Neil: "Happy birthday, lowculture! I have been trawling through the archives with a lump in my eye and a tear in my throat. My main regret is never tracking down Floella Benjamin for an interview. And for being such a lazy cunt*."

*Some things never change.

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