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Naked Chefs

WOK! Cooking the books, five, 6:30pm
GOK! How to Look Good Naked, Channel 4, 8pm

Those of us in the LC community who don't watch Hollyoaks at 6:30pm (before you accuse us of being traitors, we watch it on e4, OK) tend to fall into two camps: those who like BBC2's 6:30pm cookery shows and those who like BBC2's 6:30pm nature shows. So whilst the beeb is catering for the latter group at present, five appears to be courting the cookery lovers with its new 6:30 show, Cooking the Books.

We were very excited when we saw this in our Radio Times last week, especially as the description sounded as though it was going to be members of ver public trying out recipes from celebrity chef's books. So far, so good. Then we watched it. the fact that Jeremy Edwards, well known for Hollyoaks, Holby and Big Brother (although maybe he appeared in an epiosde of Celebrity Masterchef once, we forget), is presenting it should have been a sign that something was rum. But then 'former royal correspondent' Jennie Bond presents Great British Menu, and that is ace, so we were not deterred. But, well, it's not all that great. It isn't the GBP that cook the recipes, it is the chefs themselves. The format works like this: a chef comes on, cooks their food. Break. Then a celebrity guest comes on to help them in a 'cook-off' against another chef using similar recipes from their books. When we saw this, some annoying person we'd never heard of was up against the Lovely Atol Kutcher. The audience voted, Atol lost again. Just as in Great British Menu. Stupid racialist British Public.

Anyway, as this new show doth not a great telly event make, we were most pleased to remember tonight sees the continuation of 4's feelgood season (see also: The Secret Millionnaire, which we previewed last week and is on again tonight) with the return of How to Look Good Naked. We love this show, and we love Gok (although unlike some mysogynist TV critics who like him but can't stand Triny and Susannah and Lisa and Mica because they are 'cruel' ie honest, we like all these sorts of shows).

We do have one complaint about this show, though. Why do they never get men in the buff? Is it because the homophobic British Public couldn't cope with Gok helping a man dress? Or because the sexist British Public would rather see a curvy woman strutting down the catwalk in her knickers than a curvy man in his boxers? What we really want to see is some insecure cutie getting his confidence boosted and flaunting his chest. Andy from the X Factor isn't doing much these days, Gok....

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