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Adventures in babysitting

SONIC LIPSTICK! The Sarah Jane Adventures, BBC1, 5.00pm

The Sarah Jane AdventuresYep, we know what time it's on. Yep, we agree that it's hideously unfair to all the grown-ups (or people pertaining to be thus) who totally want to watch this but won't admit it to anyone. Looks like we're all just going to have to set our videos/PVRs/temporal destabilisers, because we strongly need to see The Sarah Jane Adventures. Admitting the truth can be liberating, you know.

The pilot-type thing that aired at Christmas was one of the best, if not the best, things to hit our screens for the entire festive period. Indeed, we enjoyed it more than we enjoyed the entirety of Torchwood, which says a little bit more about our mental age than we'd care to admit. But if the series is anything like the special, we're in for a treat: the balance of tense drama vs camp buffoonery is perfectly judged, the script is peppered with one-liners way above your average children's show (our favourite exchange from the Christmas special by far was "Thanks for the assassination attempt." "You're welcome. The next one will involve harpoons."), the child actors are surprisingly not-annoying and Maria's dad (Maria being one of Sarah Jane's new sidekicks) is very fit. That's almost every box on the lowculture checklist ticked. Nice work.

In the opening episode, everybody's favourite farting aliens, the Slitheen, are back and launching a fiendish plan to take over the world that appears to be school-based. Looks like it's down to Sarah-Jane to save the day. Actually, sod setting the video; we might just call in sick to make absolutely sure we don't miss it. But ssshhhh, don't tell anyone.

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