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Your mother sucks lollipops in hell

SPOOKY! Interview with a Poltergeist, Channel 4, 10.00pm

Interview with a PoltergeistSo, it looks like Wank Week may have been delayed, if not indefinitely postponed, but we're taking some small consolation in what we hope will not be an entirely reverent look at the supernatural in Channel 4's Occult Week. And even if it does all turn out to be a bit serious, well, we like a bit of the paranormal, even when it doesn't involve two really hot brothers taking a road trip in a kickass classic car.

Occult Week kicks off with this, Interview with a Poltergeist, documenting the events of 1997 in Enfield where 11-year-old Janet Hodgson was apparently the victim of a poltergeist - recordings were made of her seemingly being hurled around her bedroom. This doc is out to establish whether it was fo' real, yo, or whether it was all an elaborate hoax. Either way, it sounds like it could be full-on hiding behind the sofa action, and that definitely appeals to us.

And if the Occult Week takes your fancy, there's Sex, Magick and Murder on after this, and The Curse of the Ice Mummy tomorrow. If anyone wants us, we'll be putting rock salt around our doorways and windows. Just as a precaution, you understand.

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