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Footballers' lives

SPORT! Friday Night Lights, ITV4, 8.00pm

Friday Night LightsWe find ourselves in the rather unfortunate position of actually writing about an American show that we've not seen the merest second of, so we can't be as informative (ha!) and useful (ha ha!) as we often are in situations such as these. So we take full responsibility if this turns out to be rubbish, because largely we're recommending this on the grounds of lots of people who watch it telling us it's really good.

Whether it travels well will be interesting: it's about American football, which obviously puts us tweed-wearing Brits at a disadvantage from the word go, but more specifically it's about a town's obsession with their local sport, and the way it takes over people's lives, and that's probably something we know a thing or two about after all. Unless you were lucky enough to find an underground bunker to live in during the World Cup last year, anyway.

Anyway, the team in question is a high school football team, so hopefully there'll be lots of burly jocks to ogle even if the storylines aren't up to much (and the odd locker room scene would be nice, if anyone's offering). Plus it might even be educational - we can learn a few things about American football to bring us closer to our transatlantic cousins. Or worst case scenario, to give us a headstart when we finally get our hands on the US version of Footballers' Wives.

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