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WAG the dog

S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! WAGs' Boutique, ITV2, 9.00pm

WAGs BoutiqueWe've given this show a shameful lack of coverage on the site so far, which is really quite unfortunate considering that we have a feeling we were the precise target audience in mind when this show was commissioned. Although the fact that it was commissioned at all is still something of a mystery to us - not necessarily because it was a bad idea, but just because it seems a bit leftfield. "Everybody's talking about the WAGs since the World Cup - why don't we get some of the really non-famous ones to open rival shops?" "Brilliant - here's your money, now go and hire June Sarpong quickly before someone else nabs her!"

The fact that this is hosted by June Sarpong is just the icing on the cake for us (and every instinct in our bodies tells us we shouldn't, but we can't help liking her - there's something almost admirable about turning your complete professional incompetence into a virtue the way La Sarpong seems to have done). We were at least hoping for one "name" amongst the WAGs - we knew that a Victoria Beckham or a Cheryl Cole was too much to ask for, but we thought we might get someone we'd heard of. Or at least, someone who dated a footballer we've heard of.

To our great dismay, we've not spotted anyone trying to cover a baby in fake tan or accidentally setting alight to her breasts, so we have our suspicions that these ladies might still be imposters and not real footballers' wives at all. But watching them fall up the stairs with an armful of boxes is still quite amusing, so we'll let them off for now.

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