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Don't get too attached

CANCELLED! Kidnapped, Channel 4, 10.00pm

KidnappedThis has perhaps not been a banner year for US acquisitions on TV. Everyone was desperate to snatch up the next Lost or Desperate Housewives, but it looks like those were thin on the ground. For every Heroes or Ugly Betty, there's been a 3lbs (shown on BBC1 at the weekend, axed after three episodes), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (bought by C4, commissioned for a full series but yanked off the air in America and not looking a likely prospect for renewal) or Six Degrees (bought by ITV, pulled in America after disappointing ratings and no new episodes currently being made).

Sadly, this show falls into the already-axed-in-America camp, so while it may be worth checking out, we'd advise you not to get too invested because as fulfilling as the relationship may prove to be, it's ultimately going to be a rather short one. However, should you decide you want to fly in the face of adversity and tune in, here's how it rolls: wealthy Conrad Cain's super-awesome life hits something of a sticky patch one day when his 15-year-old son is abducted. Since no one on TV is ever wealthy through entirely acceptable moral means, Conrad's a bit of a shady character and is keen not to have all of his sordid secrets out in the open, so he turns to a surly private investigator (is there any other kind? Even Veronica Mars is quite bolshy these days) rather than confiding in The Law.

It doesn't sound that terrible as a premise, but it's not really that inventive, is it? Besides, we kept getting this one mixed up with the quite similar sounding Runaway on the CW network (also cancelled in America, not sure if anyone's planning to show it over here) and we're sure we can't have been the only ones, so perhaps even the people who were watching couldn't remember which show they were watching from week to week. Either way, enjoy it while it lasts because it'll be on its way out soon enough.

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