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Så festade stjärnorna i natt

In the end, it was Melodi 10, The Ark and The Worrying Kind what won it. No lowculture reaction as of yet, but he's probably still in bed. In keeping with the fabulousness of the event, Aftonbladet newspaper is running with Stjärnorna i branddrama - Melodifestival stars having to be evacuated because of a "firedrama", Carola och Sebastians heta samtal i natt, exclusive pics of Carola Eurovision Royalty Häggvist in a leather-jacket clinch at the Schlagerefterfest, and Carolas attack på The Ark och SVT, in which Carola has a prize-giving row (pictured) with the winners, presenter and TV station. Result!

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Fabulous! Go Carola getting off with twentysomethings.

By Blogger Adrian, at 10:29 am  

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