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Regrets? We've had a few

BACK! Love My Way, Five Life, 9.00pm

Love My WayWe seem to recall recommending this quite highly when the first series was being shown on Five Life around about the time that the channel launched, largely on the basis of it sharing some of its behind-the-scenes staff and on-screen cast with the decidedly awesome Oz flatsharing drama The Secret Life of Us. Being the dutiful web types that we are, we made a point of watching the first few episodes to ensure that we were recommending quality product, and thankfully we decided, in our entirely unbiased opinion, that we were totally right. Phew.

Unfortunately, we kind of lost touch with it after a few episodes, not because it was boring us, but because it had the misfortune to be scheduled directly opposite something else that we were watching religiously, which we suspect may have been Torchwood, so we lost out way and dropped out. (And given that we could have watched Torchwood when it was repeated on Wednesdays, we still aren't entirely sure why we had to sacrifice a programme at all, but then hindsight is a magical thing.) However, it returns tonight for a second series, and apparently a Big Major Plot Thing happened at the end of the first one which changed everything.

Frankie (played by Claudia Karvan, who played Alex in The Secret Life of Us) has been in Iceland trying to come to terms with the sudden death of her eight-year-old daughter at the end of the last series, only to find that it continues to haunt her. Possibly not the show you want to be watching for some easy-come jollies, but the quality of the drama and the acting is solid and we can recommend it with a little more authority than we did last time. We're going to sit down nice and early tonight to catch up on all those plot threads we dropped during the last series, and we recommend you join us. Not at our house, mind. Not unless you're willing to bring cake, and even then we reserve the right to refuse admission.

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