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Family misfortunes

CHAOS! Shameless, Channel 4, 10.00pm

The Gallaghers are back, putting the fun into dysfunctional as only they can. In something of an alarming development, eldest sister Fiona's departure has not shocked vacant father Frank into pulling himself together and being there for his family. Nononono. No, it's left to young Debbie to assume Fiona's role now and take charge of the unruly brood, the poor thing.

So, baptism of fire, anyone? Liam has been getting mouthy at school, and spouting a lot of opinions that some of the more emotionally-fragile locals might not take too kindly to. In other words, that means the school is threatening to pay a home visit, which is precisely the last thing that anyone needs at this point. Debbie comes up with a plan, and as you might expect, it soon snowballs rather horribly out of control.

It's a general theme that they've done before in this show, but that's never really an issue. If the previous two series are anything to go by, the quality of the writing and acting is what will keep us all watching, and minor contrivances of plot won't get in the way of that. And, if you really enjoy it, you can thoroughly spoil yourself by watching the next episode on E4 afterwards. Just remember though, that means you have to wait an extra hour before you have something new to watch next week. It's the Christmas chocolate dilemma all over again, isn't it?

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