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New things we know about Christine Hamilton, pelmets, EastEnders, children and TV gays

Tuesday is reading night at West London's glamorous LOWCULTURE Heights. Here are the five best things we learned as we flicked through the week's high-class periodicals:

Christine Hamilton has complained that TV interior design gays Justin and Colin made her house look really horrible after they gave it a makeover. Yeah, Christine - big surprise! They also called her an "old bitch", which is quite funny really, however you want to look at it. (Evening Standard).
123 Londoners are injured by pelmets each year. (Time Out)
Louisa Lytton was so overwhelmed on her first day playing Ruby in EastEnders that she went home with a bit of a headache. (Inside Soap)
A survey of six-to-16-year-olds has revealed that their third-favourite sitcom is My Family. Christ! (Radio Times)
Big Brother Big Gayer Craig went out on the lash last week and fell on his arse, then cried. (Heat).

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