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A plague on both your chalets

News reaches us that one of the UK's foremost acting talents has at last decided to turn her hand to a spot of Shakespeare.

Yes, Su Pollard will be giving audiences in Darlington, High Wycombe and and Wolverhampton her interpretation of the Nurse in a new production of Romeo and Juliet.

Early reports that the role has been expanded to feature a scene in which the Nurse manhandles Juliet into the Capulet family's olympic-size swimming pool following a particularly raucous knobbly-knees competition could not be confirmed at the time of writing, which suggests that we might have made them up.

In other Su-related news, a rather amusing photograph of the great lady appears in the new issue of Heat magazine. She appears in the 'circle of shame' section, where a pair of red ellipses draw rather unflattering attention to a couple of red ellipses of Su's own (ie you can see her nipples through her very sheer top).

Oh, Su!

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