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Officially hers

Congratulations to Billie Piper, aka Doctor Who's Rose Tyler, who rounds off a triumphant year by scooping the Most Popular Actress prize at the National Television Awards.

The show also won Most Popular Drama, and Doctor Who himself, Christopher Eccleston, picked up the gong for Most Popular Actor. Or, at least, he would have done if he had turned up.

After her win, Billie told waiting reporters: "Chris is not here this evening, I don't know why." (TARDIS telepathic field translation: "Chris doesn't speak to me").

She is, however, confident of one thing – that we are all going to love Eccleston's replacement, David Tennant.

"He's a lot lighter on his feet," she gushed, "and I am sure you will all be thrilled!" (TARDIS telepathic field translation: "This one likes me. I'm thrilled!").

» Watch the ceremony tonight on ITV1 at 8pm

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