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House of love

ERECTION! Grand Designs, More4, 7pm and 12.40am

Tom Watkins, the pop manager who brought the world Bros, East 17 and the mighty Deuce, is the subject of tonight's episode. Never one to do things by halves, Tom decides to get away from it all and move with partner Darron to the seaside – and that he wants to live in a great big white sugar cube.

Presenter That Bloke follows their progress as they face objections from stroppy neighbours and planning complications over a septic tank in the garden.

As one might expect of any pair of gays who set out to build their dream abode, the plans for the house include a built-in darkroom. Sadly, and rather less salaciously, it is of the photographic variety. If we were them, we would have been more worried about including a garage big enough to house several thousand boxes of unsold North & South records.

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