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"I need my cigarehhhhhhhttes. Er, you dags."

If you're fed up with Anthony and Craig's daily bickering on Big Brother UK, then head over to the Australian BB website where you'll be reminded of one of the main reasons that we're addicted to the show.
Yes! None other than last year's BB UK winner, Nadia Almada, is heading into the house, and will stay for at least a night. Just enough time to get under the shower with her heels on, eh?
Go here to find out more and have a look round the Aussies' frankly fiddly website.
Meanwhile, with an eviction expected in BB UK this Wednesday, join us in voting for Kinga and Eugene to win, so we can wipe the smug grins off the faces of Makosi, Anthony and Craig. Thank you.

UPDATE: Dearest Nadia: We love your bright smile, and your little black dress was to die for.
But the hair?! Good grief, the hair!
Feltz has been on the phone. And she says she doesn't want it back!

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