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We've already used our TLC joke, haven't we?

NURSE! THE SCREENS! Scrubs, Channel 4, 8.00pm
It's not often that an American sitcom in its fourth season can be said to be still delivering the goods (remember how dodgy Friends was by this point? The apartment-switching storyline? The London episode? Egad) but that's true of Scrubs as far as we're concerned. Last week's episode was a highlight, where Dr Cox turned disturbingly nice and subsequently lost the respect (read: fear) of all of the interns, Elliot's fashionable fringe undermined her credibility as a doctor, and JD tried to dump someone for the first time, only to end up being dumped first. This week things are as surreal as ever in the Sacred Heart hospital, and there's a special guest appearance by Michael J Fox into the bargain. He plays a prodigously talented surgeon by the name of Dr Kevin Casey, and JD thinks he's found a mentor at last. We're guessing this will not go down well with Dr Cox, who surely thrives on worship just as much as he thrives on fear. Meanwhile, cranky Dr Kelso is not happy with the crows flocking around his car, and takes to hanging around the rooftop with the permanently hangdog-faced Ted, favouring the air horn as a more traditional alternative to the scarecrow. Even if the plot doesn't sound appealing to you, it's always worth tuning into Scrubs for the throwaway lines and bizarre cut-scenes that appear out of nowhere, and add nothing to the plot, but make us cackle like complete loons.

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no no no no no! I hate this episode. Its so up its own arsehole as well as MJ Foxs. God damn it to hell anyway.

By Anonymous dylan, at 2:17 pm  

Also this is only Season 3 of Scrubs on C4, so the London comparison with Friends isn't fair. It's more "we're on a break"

By Anonymous CB, at 6:57 pm  

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