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If you're still giddy with excitement about the mere fact that pop legends Scooch are to reform for a one-off appearance at G-A-Y later this month, make sure you're sitting down right about now, or you're in severe danger of falling flat on your arse.
Our latest intelligence reveals that the fab four are just as excited as the rest of us about their comeback, and are busy picking out matching outfits for the performance. There's even crazy talk of them doing the chair routine to The Best Is Yet To Come, but we will believe that when we see it.
The set list is being kept firmly under wraps, although there is already talk of a campaign to get them to perform their cover of Maybe Tomorrow, the theme from The Littlest Hobo – by force, if necessary.
Finally, on the day that we discovered that the official H & Claire website has been cruelly yanked off the internet, it is some small comfort to discover that Scooch's online presence is still up there, perfectly preserved (complete with the dancing Scoodle you have to click on to get past the first page).
It's almost as if it somehow knew the great event of Saturday, January 17, 2004, was destined to take place. A bit like that story about the dog that sat by its master's grave for many years. Except without the grave – or, indeed, the dog.

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