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Amazing things about January 4:
» The most amazing thing is that we've bothered to do the Fuck Me Facts! on a Sunday! It's part of our new year's resolution to be less rubbish at updating lowculture.
» Countdown returned to Channel 4 after the Christmas break on this day in 1999 – and Vorderman was still so tipsy on cheap sherry that she got the sums wrong.
» Anna Nicole Smith was finally awarded the £300m her poor dead husband had left her in his will in 2001. She spent the whole lot on pies and great big diamonds. As far as we know.
» Elvis took his first steps on the road to becoming really fat in 1975. He was admitted to the Baptist Memorial Hospital, where he was diagnosed with hypertension and an impacted colon. Treatment for his condition included the drug cortisone – the side-effect of which was notable weight gain. So, to recap – it was the cortisone, not the cheeseburgers. OK?
» Backstreet Boy Nick Carter was having such a good time at a nightclub in Tampa, Florida, in 2002 that he decided not to bother leaving. The police promptly turned up and carted him off for his cheek.

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