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After all the excitement surrounding Pop Idol 2, it's easy to forget that there are six or seven losers still roaming around at a loose end since their dreams of stardom were cruelly dashed in the course of the first series.
If you fancy a bit of light has-been spotting, the most casual of glances around the Chiswick High Road area of London will usually throw up Jessica Garlic - or, God help us, Hayley Evetts.
But if you want to see some of the others, you will have to venture into the provinces.
Which is where you will find the lovely Korben, the biggest loser of the lot (but only in the sense that he was the first of the final ten to be voted out).
Our spy reports that Korben is often to be found in Bedford's homosexual nightspots - particularly on karaoke evenings, when he's not averse to belting out the odd number. In fact, he's such a big hit on the local bumming scene that he has the great honour of being Mr January in the Gay Bedford calendar.
So, if any of you are currently thinking about sending of an application for Pop Idol 3, just remember that, two years from now, you could be a multi-million selling recording artist with very good hair and a nice line in aloof snootiness – or you could be trying valiantly to conceal what remains of your dignity with a rainbow umbrella and wondering just where it all went wrong. With hair that's not nearly as interesting.

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