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Amazing things about January 2:
» Noddy's publishers gave the famous children's book series a politically-correct revamp in 1987, when they replaced gollywogs with gnomes.
» Raquel returned to Coronation Street in 2000. She was back to tell Curly that she was a heartless fucking bitch who had his baby in secret, then didn't bother to tell him about it for years.
» Cardinal Richelieu founded the Academy Francais in 1635. His aim was to maintain the purity of the French language. Which was interesting because, as our picture clearly shows, he was a dog - and didn't speak a word of French during any of the 26 episodes of Dogtanian, to the best of our recollection.
» Tracy Shaw was, reportedly, bemused by rumours that she was to leave Coronation Street in 2002. That crowbar to the skull must have been as much of a surprise to her as it was to poor Maxine.
» This time five years ago, Chef from out of South Park was at No.1 with his novelty single, Chocolate Salty Balls. It's as unfunny today as it was then. Still, things could have been worse – ten years ago, it was Mr Blobby.

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