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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Wednesday, Dec 3:
» Alka Seltzer went on sale for the first time on this day in 1931. "Hangovers, be damned!" yelled alcoholics everywhere.
» Instead of gritting the roads in Denmark two years ago, safety "experts" decided to use cheese. Their grounds? Apparently, cheese
stuck to the roads no matter what the weather, while salt washed away easily. Bet the motorways stank in the summer, though . . .
» Agatha Christie disappeared from her Surrey home on this day in 1926. She was later found in a Harrogate hotel with no recollection of how she came to be in Yorkshire. And if she wasn't able to find out, then who the fuck was?
» Who said the Americans don't know anything about art? The French, apparently: Henri Matisse's painting "Le Bateau" was rehung today in 1961 after it was discovered it had been upside down for 46 days.
» Around 3.5million people tried to get their hands on the 11,000 concert tickets for Abba at the Royal Albert Hall in 1976. If only they knew how many bloody tribute bands there'd be in 2003, we're sure they wouldn't have been in such a panic.
» Last year, Whitney Houston denied she had an eating disorder on a US TV show . . . but admitted problems with drink, drugs and sex.
» Blowing out the candles today: Ozzy Osbourne (55), Mike Stock, of Stock, Aitken and Waterman fame (52), and one time mermaid Daryl Hannah (42).

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