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Phixxed up

After a delightful evening of tapestry weaving with some like-minded friends, the lowculture party was making its way down London's homosexual Old Compton Street in the early hours of Sunday morning. Our aim was, of course, to queue up outside the Catholic church that sits at one end of it, to make sure we got a good seat for early Mass.
Anyway, who should we spot heading in the opposite direction (away from church!) but celebrity bummer Andrew out of Phixx!
Naturally, we were quite excited by this development – usually, the only celeb we spot at the tapesty-weaving society is Brian Dowling, and he is never doing anything more entertaining than drunkenly arguing with a passer-by about the best way to fit a warp template over a Leclerc Penelope 24" loom.
Alas, poor Andrew was unable to gain entry to a late-night cafe for a big gay fry-up, so he and his handsome young friend decided to walk into the middle of the street for a snog instead. Disgraceful behaviour! We have already drafted a letter of complaint to Andi Peters, which we expect to be read out on All New Top Of The Pops™ this Friday.

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