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Introducing . . . Auntie Mo

Here at lowculture, we feel we not only have a duty to bring you the best in thought-provoking opinion, astounding facts and top telly titbits, but also to expand the inner being.
That is why we are introducing the newest addition to our pages - Auntie Mo's agony column. Sometimes curing it, sometimes causing it, our Mo plans to tackle the burning issues of the day, which have been outlined to her by email.
In anticipation of her arrival, we thought we'd explain how the retired teacher has been seeking an output for her online advice ever since completing a computing evening class earlier this year.
While establishing her web presence, our Mo was suprised to find her reputation for sound advice had preceeded her.
For within days of opening her first email account, dozens had arrived - each a tiny cry for help in an endless electronic universe.
She may not completely understand why some of the messages reaching to her ask for a credit card number before revealing more, but Mo knows a problem when she sees it.
With today's web youth becoming increasingly word-shy, it came as no shock to her that the majority of submissions contained the entire problem in the subject line.
And just as many go on to illustrate their dillemma with a series of photographs, each of which broad-minded pours over in detail. Many make her gasp with sympathy. Some just make her wince.
Auntie Mo replies to each and every email she receives, bless her, but to date not a single person has taken the time to thank her for the advice.
But the mere thought she may have made a difference in just one case is enough to keep her logging on, and that is why she has decided to share her advice with the lowculture public.
From tomorrow, Mo will be answering the heartfelt calls for help that have been arriving on a seemingly unending basis.

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