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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about November 14:
» Celebrity orange vendor Nell Gwynne died on this day in 1687.
» A1 were at No.1 this time three years ago, with Same Old Brand New You. Watch out for a Ben comeback soon. Hooray!
» An image of Mickey Mouse was found on a fresco in a 14th century Austrian church this time last year.
» Nationwide flooding caused panic-buying of wellington boots and rain mates in 2000.
» The National Lottery was launched in 1994. And now, all these years later, we still haven't won the fucking thing. There's something funny going on there ...
» The first pop singles chart was published in the NME on this day in 1952.
» Letitia Dean – Sharon from out of EastEnders – is 36 today. And former Steps moppet Faye is 28.
» Erotica 2003 starts today at the Grand Hall, Olympia, London. Terrifyingly, it will feature Neil and Christine Hamilton.

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