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(Wax) works of art

By all accounts, the Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth does not have its troubles to seek.
A quick search on Google seems* to suggest that all the resort has to offer are streets littered with rubbish and used syringes, and asylum seekers in Kiss Me Quick hats roaming in packs around the many "no-go" areas.
But Great Yarmouth is fighting back! And how better to do it than with ... waxworks!
Visitors to London have long admired the ones at Madame Tussauds, and we reckon the splendid offerings in Great Yarmouth knock their pathetic efforts into a cocked wax hat.

When we think of the seaside, we automatically think of Jim Davidson. Alcoholism, sexism, racism and wife-beating have a similar effect, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, it's only appropriate that Jim should find himself represented there, in wax form. If you look carefully, you will see Noel Edmonds in the background, cunningly disguised as an old tramp – not to mention Rene from 'Allo 'Allo, a topical figure again now that 20-year-old episodes are being repeated on BBC1 on Sunday afternoons.

Speaking of topical, there is also a splendid effigy of Kylie Minogue, seen here with a friend who we think may be Jason Donovan. Or, possibly, Charlton Heston. We're slightly worried that Kylie – dressed in a fashionable 80s-style jerkin – looks like she is about to be "surprised" from behind by her companion, though.

The world of sport is also well represented, with both Michael Owen and Ian Botham waiting to greet entranced visitors.

But the finest models of the lot are these two. We're sure you will agree that they capture the spirit of Posh and Becks, if not any of their physical attributes. And that's the important thing. Isn't it? ISN'T IT?
*according to our interpretation

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