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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about November 17:
» Stephanie Rahn became The Sun's first Page 3 girl in 1970. We would show you a picture of her tits. But we're just not that kind of website.
» In 2000, a two-year-old girl put her cat, Simba, in the washing machine because she wanted a white one rather than a grey one. Happily, her more sensible brother spotted Simba and rescued him before he perished.
» Geri Haliwell was at No.1 four years ago, with Lift Me Up.
» Have you ever wondered what happened to Tina Thomson, who played Irene's daughter Finlay in Home and Away? No? Neither have we. So you will be just as disinterested as we are in the fact that it's her 28th birthday today. In fact, there are several Aussie soap has-beens blowing out the candles today.Troy Beckwith, who played Michael Martin in Neighbours, is also 28, while Brett Blewitt – creepy Helen Daniels-fancying Brett in Neighbours – is 27.
» In non-boring birthday news, Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud is 22 today.

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