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We are LOVING his style!

If you're a 14-year-old girl, you might have already seen the spanking-new Dare magazine, which made its debut last week.
Our favourite bit is the photo story, Deranged Hill, which takes the art form to heights unscaled since the demise of the Jackie.
In it, feisty Roxy and her pal Lou do battle with evil Eve (evil... Eve... geddit?) to make sure that Roxy and not Eve bags new boy Josh.
But we don't care about any of them! No, the best character is Roxy and Lou's boy pal, Gabe, who also seems to have a monster crush on Josh (gay... Gabe... geddit?). Hooray! See him in full festive flow in the panel above.
According to our sources, Gabe is not actually gay, just in touch with his feminine side. Bless!
Excitingly, Deranged Hill is shot entirely on location at Shepherds Bush's glamorous lowculture towers, so we know what happens next! (A party in our kitchen, if anyone's interested. With balloons and everything). But we can't reveal whether it is Roxy or Eve who manages to win Josh's heart, on pain of death.
Dare is on sale now for only £1.60 – and you get a free vanity case, plus a giant poster of Busted. What more can you ask for?

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