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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about October 26:
» A woman asked Dennis Waterman to sign her tits at a book signing in London on this day in 2000. He refused.
» A man was charged with impersonating one of the Fine Young Cannibals in 1995. The charges were, happily, later dropped.
» It was reported in 2000 that Steps dolls were to go on sale for Christmas. We bought an 'H'.
» Speaking of Steps, they were at No.1 this time three years ago with Stomp, that loving tribute to the work of Chic. Other notable Steps tributes included After The Love Has Gone (a homage to the work of Saint Etienne on Pale Movie) and Deeper Shade of Blue (a reverent acknowledgement of Bananarama's Every Shade Of Blue – except the deeper ones, presumably). And it's a scary 10 years since Meatloaf informed us, in song, that he would do anything for love. Except That.
» Top of the Pops announced plans to launch an awards ceremony in 2000. They have thus far failed to announce their plans to quietly drop it this year.
» "Popular" DJ Judge Jules is 38 today. Rumour has it that he is not a proper judge – or a proper DJ!
» It is National Sleep Day today. To be contrary, we will be staying up.

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