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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about Thursday, September 25:
» Yuck! The first blood transfusion using human blood took place at Guy's Hospital in London on this day in 1818. Fair enough, you might say, till you find out all previous attempts had used animal blood.
» The Queen received her first mobile phone as a gift from Prince Andrew two years ago. This must surely increase the chances of this year's Christmas speech taking the form of a webchat.
» Paul McCartney's band, Wings, played a charity concert in St Mark's Square in Venice, to draw attention to the decay and neglect of the historic canal city. But the weight of the band's equipment caused subsidence in the square. Oops.
» One half of The Two Ronnies (the Barker one) turns 74 today. Ronnie now runs an antiques business in Chipping Norton, and is a collector of postcards.
» Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones both mark their birthdays today - Michael is 59, while Catherine reaches 34.
» Also celebrating on what's proving to be a good day for birthdays are: Felicity Kendal (57), Christopher Reeve (51), Heather Locklear (47) and Jessie Wallace (32).

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