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Friday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Jeepers Creepers 8pm, Sky Movies Max ... While the second film isn't meant to be quite as scary as the original, all the trailers feature pics of buff lads without their tops on. Might be worth watching its predecessor to see why horror's first bummer baddy has a penchant for the male torso.
» David Blaine Live In The UK: Above The Below 8.30pm, Sky One...
The smooth magician brings us his latest bizarre challenge - standing in a perspex box above The Thames for six weeks with no food and only a water tube and a piss-sack for company. We're not entirely convinced about the "water" tube though. We bet it's full of mashed up Spam and Angel Delight.
» Peter Kay's Phoenix Nights 10.35pm, Channel 4 ... The second chance to see the last episode of the second series. Brian Potter takes to the stage as the Phoenix stages a Stars In Their Eyes-type talent show. Tonight, Matthew, Brian shall be . . . Elton John!

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