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Stout performance

Well, it's been rumoured for a while, but the next crowd-pulling appearance by Big Brother 4 winner Cameron Stout has been confirmed.
Yes, the countdown to the festive season has begun with the news the reserved Orcadian is to take a starring role in the pantomime Peter Pan at His Majesty's Theatre in Aberdeen this Christmas.
The theatre confirmed yesterday that the fish trader would be taking up the role of Starky the pirate during the show's run between December 5 and January 3*.
Now, we're not sure how much Cam knows about pirates, but we're certain he knows plenty about fish. Which is close enough in our book.
He'll be starring along James MacPherson of Taggart** fame as Captain Hook, and Anna Low as Peter Pan.
*Oh, yes he is!
** Picture the scene: "There's been a murrrduuurrr . . . er . . . kiddies."

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