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(everyone) Rushes (to buy the book)

Now, it's not often that the city of lowculture's Scottish office attracts any salabrities of note, but this week we've had them by the bus load (just a little bus, mind).
A free outdoor music gig yesterday saw Girls Aloud*, Liberty X, smiley David Sneddon, the lovely, lovely Abs, and Darius entertain more than 30,000 people during the course of the afternoon.
A colleague of this lowculture contributor had the joy of meeting Mr Danesh during a booksigning at a local bookstore last week.
Imagine how chuffed she was to take a seat beside Darius to have her picture taken and quiz him for her publication's weekly entertainment supplement**.
Now imagine how the intimacy was spoiled ever so slightly when she saw the final print.
For although it showed the pouty Scot embracing her with one arm, it also captured his other boldy thrusting his book before the lens - the equivelant of bunny ears behind the head in our opinion.
We're not sure if he carried out the same trick during his performance yesterday, but nonetheless his book seems to be shifting plenty of copies.
As one pre-teen fan said at the signing: "The pictures in it are really good." And we can't argue with that.
*Says Nicola, of those famously lengthy legs: "I don't really notice them. But I'm getting far too many knicker shots in the papers."
** When asked if there was anything about him he'd like to change, he replied bashfully: "Yes, but I can't tell you what it is."

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