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Thursday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Science Shack 7.30pm, BBC2 ... There's something quite riveting about Adam Hart-Davis and his child-like enthusiasm for science. And blow us if we haven't found ourselves wanting to make a paper tower complete with working lift or big foam shoes that we can use to walk on water. Better have that sticky-back plastic at the ready.
» Masters and Servants 9pm, Channel 4 ... We only just got into this last week, and it's the final episode tonight! Our favourite bit is when the servants get to become masters in the second week, and the new lady of the house drops catty remarks into the conversation along the lines of: "And hurry up and wipe down the toilet cistern. It's not like it's caked in shit like the one at your house."
» Face Off 9pm, Five... Worth watching to figure out the answer to the following question: In this movie, science has advanced suitably far to allow a complete a complete face transplant. However - how do they manage to stretch Nic Cage's chiselled features onto John Travolta's big wide head?
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