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Sunday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Big Brother's Little Brother's Big Reunion 2.10pm, Channel 4 ... The housemates congregate in the house for one last time. We watched this on E4 last week, and can report that the best bit is right at the start, when Dermot O'Leary appears in a gratuitous shower scene with Cameron. No, really.
» Where The Heart Is 8pm, ITV1 ... We accidentally watched this slice of heartwarming Sunday night nonsense when visiting an elderly relative last week, and found it quite distracting trying to place all the lead actors, who had all been in something else. Bernice from Emmerdale, PC Quinnan from The Bill, Des Barnes from Corrie, her from May to December, even Keith 'Duty Free' Baron ... the list goes on. Except it doesn't, actually, as that's the end of it.
» Pop Idol/Pop Idol Extra From 8pm, ITV2 ... If you gave this a miss last night because you thought it wouldn't be as good as it used to be or something stupid like that, we insist you watch this repeat. It is as good as it used to be. Promise.
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