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Our third, and final episode of our religion/tourism/reality telivision hybrid comes to you courtesy of lowculture reader Brett Smith, who reckons that Jesus should spend a day uncovering the remains of a Pictish monastery on Papa Stronsay.
Explains Brett: "As part of my Ancient and Medieval history degree I spent just over a fortnight digging up bits of foresaid building in the pouring rain in the summer of 2000.
"I can say without exaggeration that taking a fishing boat every morning to an island owned by a bunch of Latin-spouting monks to spend six days a week scraping about in inches of mud with a bunch of dreary* Birmingham University archaeology students was probably the most dismal experience of my life.
"No doubt with his famed appetite for privation, pain and misery our lord and saviour would have had the time of his life!"
To find out more about the self-professed failed ancient and medieval history undergraduate's experiences, visit a diary of the trip (complete with colourful pictures) here.
And so ends our sojourn to the Orkney shores, for the time being at least. Short it may have been, but we bet it's lasted longer than your memory of most of the Big Brother contestants.

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