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The many successes and no failures whatsoever of Mr Pete Waterman

They say history is written by the winning side. But who better to debunk that theory than our old pal Pete Waterman, who gives a novel, if somewhat revisionist, account of his work as a judge on Popstars: The Rivals in this week's Heat magazine.
When asked if he was worried he might have lost his golden touch because his group, One True Voice, weren't "the hugest success in the world", Pete was talking tough.
"Sorry, you're wrong," he insisted. " It WAS the hugest sucess. Sorry, number one, two and three at Christmas – am I missing something?"
"I had the number one, two and three single in the charts – don't you forget that."
Glossing over the fact that Pete alone could not exactly be described as "having" the top three chart positions, as he seems to believe, he does have a point. Anyway, Pete has wasted no time in casting his protégés adrift on the shark-infested lake of pop.
"They knew all the answers, so they manage themselves now," he concluded. As we all know, it's Pete who really knows all the answers (except the one to the question that involves how to have a hit with Lauren Waterworth), so it was a battle One True Voice could never win. And Pete's going to be on the telly every Saturday night for the next 22 weeks and they're not, so who's laughing now, eh?
Not us, that's for sure. (Snigger).

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