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Fuck Me Facts!

Amazing things about August 10:
» EastEnders launched its new Friday episode in 2001, and has been on the slide ever since. We quite fancy the idea of Lisa's return as a bouquet-catching, gun-totting psycho bitch, though, so will be tuning in again soon.
» It's Kim Marsh and Jack Ryder's first wedding anniversary. Celebrations will, presumably, be somewhat muted. It will be a different story round at Maison Hipgrave, where the happy couple have been hitched for two years. Unusually, Gail and Dan are still actually together – although, in a spooky parallel with Kim and Jack, they also have a fading TV career and a less-than-rosy musical future between them.
» Simon Le Bon was airlifted from his yacht, Drum, after it overturned during a race in 1985.
» Dan Donovan, one of Patsy Kensit's many rock-star ex-husbands, is 41 today. Emily Symons, famous being Marilyn out of Home and Away, and now thrilling us on a nightly basis as Louise in Emmerdale, is 34. And Kate O'Mara, who played Alexis' sister Caress in Dynasty, and also cropped up in the late, lamented (by us, at least) Crossroads, is 64. Kate also played an intergalactic supervillain named The Rani in Doctor Who – a role which required her to impersonate Bonnie Langford, for reasons too hilarious to explain here.

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