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Life is a more of a farce than a cabaret, really

The sad news that Liza Minnelli and David Gest have gone their separate ways continues to send shockwaves through the world of showbiz.
Spare a thought for poor Andy Lock, for instance, a man who decided to pay tribute to the couple's great love affair by staging a show at the Edinburgh Festival devoted to their ... erm .. devotion.
The somewhat unlikely plot of one-woman show Liza! With Love would have seen a contented Liza, in the form of Liz Flint, take to the stage to reflect on the stability and happiness she had found with Gest.
As we know only too well, circumstances mean this would now be quite inappropriate, so the new plot will see Liz – now playing Liza's best friend – take a phone call from the megastar in which she says she is too upset to come to Edinburgh, and implore her pal to do the show in her place.
It's opening night tonight, and we would love to be able to promise you that we will be there in the front row to see if Lock and Flint can pull off their audacious rewrite. But as we have no intention of doing any such thing, we can't. Sorry.

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