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Neigh bother

There were whoops and whinnies of delight in the Big Brother house this evening after it was confirmed the housemates had passed their latest task - whereby they tacked up a model horse and donned foam suits for a spot of showjumping.
Lisa was excused after complaining of feeling unwell because of her asthma. Hmm. This didn't appear to stop her puffing away on fags while the rest of the housemates trotted about the garden.
The supple yet fierce Welsh lass (pictured) has done little to enamour herself to her fellow housemates since arriving a few days ago.
As well as bluntly picking out the faults of the rest of the team, she has a magical way of inferring a silent "Don't speak back to me, or I'll twat you" at the end of every statement she makes.
After Lisa went to bed last night, everybody else gathered to raise concerns over the new addition. She, in turn, has had her own go at the others during a spell in the diary room.
For the meantime, everybody is celebrating the success of the equestrian task, for which they bet 100% of their shopping budget.
Among their £123 of purchases for the coming week, they have splashed out on tortilla chips, chocolate and biscuits.
Tonight they will enjoy a barbecue laid on by Big Brother as a reward for passing the task.
UPDATE: Talking of splashing out, Ray's been up to his old tricks again. The Irish lad told Gos and Nush that he had another tug 'neath his duvet last night.
He made less of a parade about it this time, but certainly wasn't shy about boasting about it to his fellow housemates, much to Gos' mock horror.

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