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Monday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» Quincy, ME 1.30-ish (times vary by region), ITV1 ... A half-eaten apple is Quincy's only clue in a life-or-death hunt for a missing teenager.
» Holiday: You Call The Shots 7pm, BBC1 ... Just when you thought it was safe to turn the TV back on, Kate Thornton is back on the box. Tonight, she samples the joys of Bangkok.
» Big Brother Africa 7pm, E4 ... Never mind the deathly-dull British housemates - clear a space in your TV evening for the latest drunken exploits of the African bunch, where the producers have hit upon a winning formula (get them all tanked up, play sexy music, and get Big Brother himself to blatantly suggest to housemates in the diary room that they should really be shagging).
» Smallville 9pm, E4 ... It's the season finale – Clarke does something really stupid, Chloe orders black clothes and eyeliner in bulk and Lex wishes he had paid more attention at all those flying lessons.
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