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You must see, just what you're doing to me

Unbelievably, those crazy Fast Food Fuckers Rockers are still hanging on at No.2 in the charts, despite the best efforts of everyone in the music industry to scupper their pop dreams.
An e-mail arrived at lowculture towers yesterday from a representative of ace producer Mike Stock – who, it seems, has noticed the distinct lack of love for his latest creation among his peers.
It begins:
"The FAST FOOD ROCKERS have been categorically denied an appearance on this week's Top Of The Pops show. This is terrible considering their great chart position (they have retained their No.2 position AND held off Blazing Squad's new release) and what TOTP did to them last week by ruining their performance."
Now, we missed last week's TOTP, so we can only imagine what the producers did to ruin the Fuckers' Rockers' performance. Perhaps they forced them to dress in ridiculous red, blue and yellow plastic frightwear. Or made them sing the Fast Food Song.
Only kidding. We love them really.
Anyway, it occurs to us that, although the public can't get enough of the single (we witnessed a large lady actually skip down the pet food aisle of Sainsbury's to it last night), the Rockers might be feeling a bit fragile after all the criticism. So, messages of love to them in the comments box, please. We will pass on those we deem least likely to make them cry real tears.

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