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The revival starts here (possibly)

Following our report about the Paul Young concert in Derby that sparked a walkout, coupled with claims the 80s crooner would put karaoke singers to shame, one fan who lasted a whole concert has lept to his defence.
Rose Desert writes: "Having seen Paul live a little over a month ago (he was in perfect form - both vocally and in stage presence), I find it hard to fathom that there were so many who walked out during his recent performance in Derby, it's baffling," says Rose.
"There were a few negative comments on his official site forum - from new members who only joined the site to slam him."
Having tracked down a discussion group of support act, John and Wayne, Rose places the blame on fans disgruntled at having to shell out to see their band.
"I'm willing to bet that many of the 'complainants' in Derby were simply fans of the support band trying to get out of paying for the main attraction.
"Real fans would understand his having a sore throat and would appreciate his effort - which has always been 110%!"
Thanks, Rose, for letting us know there are still fans out there keen to know where Paul is leaving his hat these days.
We'll also be happy to print letters defending Dollar's recent performances. We just don't have any.

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