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Make of this what you will . . .

We're beginning to worry, just a little, about the authors of the official Big Brother website.
While we understand they are keeping a very close eye on the housemates, we're worried that they're perhaps reading just a little too much into their activities.
Take this note, for example, which appeared on the website a little earlier this evening:
In full view of Steph, Jon, Nush and of course the British viewing public, Scott used his left hand to pull out his swimming shorts as his trusty right hand plunged down to shake hands with the unemployed.
As if his behaviour was entirely mundane, Scott whistled like an postman doing his rounds on a sunny morning.
"Not looking," cried Steph, staring at Scott's pesky right hand.
"That's alright," replied Scott, as he went down under for another jiggle.
"The best bit is when Ray sticks the hose down your trousers to get rid of the suds," joked Steph.
But Ray and Scott, engrossed in their activities, ignored Steph's comment.
"Oooh that's lovely," beamed Scott as Ray continued to pelt him with his jet.
But Ray put his nozzle down before Scott had finished off. "Just one more splash in the face," commanded Scott. "That is beautiful!" Satisfied, he wandered back indoors, fresh as a daisy.

Good Heavens! When such an item is accompanied with a pic like the one we have here, then it's perfectly understandable why we got a little hot under the collar.
Until we examined the item to find it had a much more innocent explanation. Dammit.
UPDATE: But this is exactly what you think it is. Ray's had a Tommy Tank.

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