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J-Lo's wedding list

The celebrity world is abuzz with talk of the marriage of J-Lo and Ben Affleck – and, more importantly, what to get the happy couple to mark their nuptials.
P Diddy, as ever, does not want to appear ostentatious, so has decided to limit his splurging to just a pair of his-and-hers Rolls-Royces.
"I heard they have some Bentleys. I want to upgrade them to Rolls-Royces," he told People magazine.
But Puffy will not be at the ceremony to deliver the motors in person.
"I don't want to make anybody feel uncomfortable," he says. Well, quite.
This is all very well, but it still leaves the obvious question unanswered – what should lowculture send the happy couple?
We went to Debenhams to see what was left on their wedding list but, oddly, there was no record of their demands anywhere on the store's computer system. So it was off to Index – always a good bet for a last-minute gift for any occasion.
After much flicking through the catalogue, we settled for one of those mat things you put round your toilet – a snip at just £4.99, and the perfect match, we feel, for the jewel-encrusted toilet seat Mr Affleck has given his beloved to rest her famous arse on.
But what would you get them? Click on the comment link below with your ideas.

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