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Crossroads: PS

Before we leave Crossroads behind for good, we have a special treat for the hundreds of people who end up at lowculture looking for pictures of Jane Gurnett's tits (of which, sadly, we have none).
It's a poem by Edward, who is the Supreme Member of the Planet Crossroads Forum, and we like it very much. We hope you do too.

Kate the Stripper
Kate the stripper was good at giving thrills
As she danced around in her feathers and frills
She never failed to please her guests
As she ripped off her top to reveal her breasts
Crossroads hotel was her port of call
As she danced on the bar entertaining them all
And at the end when her time was up
She'd do an encore so they'd have enough
They screamed and they roared
As she took to the floor
And when she was done
They screamed out for more
Kate the stripper was the best in town
Some even said she was the best around
With all her feathers and all her frills
She never failed to deliver the thrills!

Now, we don't recall Kate actually being a stripper in Crossroads, but now we wish she had been.

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