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Monday's Low Points

The schlock you won't want to miss today
» EastEnders 8pm, BBC1 ... The extremeny tedious 'Little Mo and Billy's mouse' storyline stretches into another week, believe it or not, so give it a miss and switch over to ...
» Angel 8pm, Five ... The fantastic Buffy spin-off makes its debut on Five with the first episode of season three, in which Angel is mourning Buffy's death. We're sure he will cheer up when he finds out she's been resurrected and had to claw her way out of her own grave. Unfortunately, Five have scheduled this at 8pm, so will probably have to cut it to ribbons. Boo!
» Coronation Street 7.30 and 8.30pm, ITV1 ... We are very much enjoying Tracy's attempts to get her hands on crumbly lothario Wally's prize assets, and tonight could be her lucky night – or her unlucky night, depending on which way you look at it.
» Sortitout-Man 1am, BBC3 ... This little treat sneaked into the schedules almost unnoticed last week, so here's a chance to catch up. We can't really describe it, but it comes highly recommended.

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